An archive of my work during my undergraduate and PhD degrees.


Emulating a large memory with a collection of smaller ones,
unpublished 2014. (arXiv)

Scalable abstractions for general-purpose parallel computation,
Ph.D. Thesis, University of Bristol. March 2014.

Scalable data abstractions for distributed parallel computations,
unpublished, 2012. (arXiv)

Fast distributed process creation with the XMOS XS1 architecture,
Communicating Process Architectures, University of Limerick. June 2011. (arXiv, slides).

A network simulator with reconfigurable routing and topology,
unpublished 2011 (GitHub).

The XMOS XK-XMP-64 development board,
Networks on Chip (NoCS), 2011 Fifth IEEE/ACM International Symposium on, Pittsburgh, PA, 2011, pp. 255-256.

Dynamic generation of parallel computations,
UK Electronics Forum, Newcastle University, June 2010 (slides).

XMP-64 performance experiments,
unpublished 2010 (GitHub).

Universal routing in processor networks,
Masters Thesis, University of Bristol. May 2009.


Compiling for dual issue,
ENTRA meeting, May 2015.

Scalable data abstractions for distributed parallel computations,
Imperial College London. January 2013.

The resurgence of parallel programming languages,
BCS Advance Programming Specialist Group, London. April 2012.